Friday, March 11, 2011

My thoughts are with Japan. (It's my blog and I will recycle jokes if I want to)


Miss Snooty said...

This one's a better picture.

Miss Snooty the Second said...

Arrgh, that didn't post right.

Cake not signed in said...

I just saw your video clip...very funny.


The ghost of Jimmy Dolittle said...

The people of Japan
All crustaseans.

We can only hope the Hello Kitty building collapsed, dquashing everyone inside, turning the whole area into...

Morty the mutant Montanan said...

So the leak of radioactive particles into the atmospere from that reactor is turning out to be not quite as "insignificant as the Japanese shiessters government first lied/claimed. With prevailing winds carrying that crap across the Pacific to places like Oregon, can we expect to see American lawyers jumping all over those responsible for the negligence of building a non-earthquake proof reactor building on top of a fault line?
For what it's worth, at least, say, Montana might be far enough inland to be safe from fallout.
But then, it's Montana, so who gives a shit?

Jay Hova said...

You know, some have claimed that the Japanese are members of the lost tribe of Israel, and this little event is surely of biblical proportions.
Ever consider that maybe I was just sitting around somewhere, thinking "Ya know, I haven't inflicted one of my evidence of "The Lord thy God's love" stunts on anyone recently. Who's handy that I haven't hammered for a while?"
Don't worry about the dead folks. I can make plenty more of them. Don't I always?