Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hulk smashed.

HOMELESS GUY: "I have the first issue of the Hulk I want to sell."

ME: "Great...let me take a look."

HOMELESS GUY: :::hands me an issue of something that is clearly not the Hulk #1::: "Here..."

ME: "Ummmm...this ain't a Hulk comic."

HOMELESS GUY: "Yes it is. It goes for $1000.00."

ME: "This ain't a Hulk comic. And it's tattered and torn. Even if it was it wouldn't be worth $1000.00."

HOMELESS GUY: "It's the first issue of Hulk. It's a collector's item classic."

ME: "Thank you for bringing it in. Cool comic."

HOMELESS GUY: "Hulk first issue. Thousand dollars."

ME: "Have a great day!"

HOMELESS GUY: "You too!"

1 comment:

Queenie McTardo said...

I have a copy of the first appearance of Spider-Man.

*holds up a copy of the phonebook*

Gimme $25K.