Thursday, May 05, 2011

Chinko da Mayo

So this Chinese gal just walks in the store.

Her being Chinese has nothing to do with the story other than giving me a clever title for a post on May 5th. (She really was Chinese)

Here is the coversation that followed:

GAL: "Hello!"

ME: " are you you!"

GAL: "I'm good. I just came in to tell you that God loves you!"

ME: "Awesome! That's a relief. I'm glad he doesn't hate me"

GAL: "Do you often think he hates you?"

ME: "I never think he hates me."

GAL: "May I pray for you?"

ME: "Sure...but just not in the store. Use the sidewalk."

GAL: "But nobody is in the store right now."

ME: "I just don't like praying in here."

GAL: "Do you like comics?"

ME: "I love them."

GAL: "What's your favorite?"

ME: "The last one I sold."

GAL: "What one was that?"

ME: "I don't know."

GAL: ""

ME: "Thank you!"

GAL: "God loves you."

1 comment:

anonymous said...

She was wrong. God doesn't love people who drive right by poor little stranded black kittens on the Mass. Pike.