Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toaster Pastries.

I went to see a comedian the other night and he did a bit on Poptarts.

I like Poptarts.

Actually I like store brand toaster pastries better (I just did the taste test this week)

I have two Poptarts (toaster pastry) almost every day.

In a year that's over 700 toaster pastries.

Each toaster pastry is about four inches long. In a day I eat about eight inches of popped tart.

In a year that's about 2900 inches of brown sugar heaven.

I've been doing the brown sugar cinnamon for about five years now.

14,600 inches of toaster pastry. 1216 feet.

You know what they say?

Everything is fine in moderation.


Anonymous said...

"In a day I eat about eight inches...of brown sugar"

Cake not signed in said...

Anonymous beat me to the best comment, dammit.

Someone said...

I'm having deja vu...

Anonymous said...

Dear Someone:

Is it tasty? What does one serve it with?

Hungry in Anonymous Land

Anonymous said...

.37 meters Le Tart du Pop

Anonymous said...

.37 Kilometers Le Tart du Pop