Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Screen Test

It's stuffy in the bedroom.

It needs air. It's hot.

It's an airless hellhole.

Air. Breeze.

But we haven't washed the windows yet so the screens ain't on the windows.

And you can't sleep with the windows open if you ain't got no screens on (Sounds like a Pink Floyd song)

Stuff. EEEEE.

I need air!

Another airless night ahead of me.

I can't wait any longer.

I don't much care if the outside of the windows haven't been washed.

I'm putting up the screens. I'm putting on the Ritz.

Come to me Air, come to me.

So I go down to the basement where we store the screens. I pick out the one labelled B1-2 (Bedroom 1, Window 2 for you stupid people)

Yes, I labelled the screens...but of course I forgot which bedroom is #1 etc.

It don't matter...the windows are all the same size.

So I pull up the blind.

I unlock the window.

Slide the window up.

I'm fully in Screen Putting Up Mode.


There is already a screen on window.

I must have forgotten to take it down last fall.

I suffered the last few weeks with airplane air in the bedroom.

(I'm sure it will rain tonight or the birds will get up extra early or it will be wicked windy. Or something)


Billy Joel said...

Rock + window = AIR

Simple enough?

Clever name said...

I can't figure out why you take the screens must be a Yankee thing.

Just sayin' said...

How have you slept with the window closed for weeks?! You probably have brain damage now from lack of air.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

We take the screens out because the harsh winter weather ruins them.

Seriously in de nort' countree said...

Try switching to nylon screening next time you need to replace. I've had several up for close to ten harsh Canadian winters with no deterioration. I presume you've got the wire mesh ones that rust.

Cake said...

Or buy better screens...I've never had a screen get damaged and our winters are worse than yours. Are you idiotically stupid or what?!