Monday, May 16, 2011

It's science time with I Ain't No Oprah!

What you are about to read is my understanding.

I am not a scientist.

Though I do wear glasses for reading.

So last night I'm watching a sad show on tv. I might (I said I MIGHT) have teared up once or twice.

And it got me to thinking.

Men have vascetomies. The doctor goes 'down there' and makes a small cut and ties something off preventing sperm from being released while ejaculating. (It doesn't prevent the doctor from ejaculating)

Men have this done so they won't get women pregnant.

There is no other reason.

Unless they think the scar looks sexy.

(It does)

But the man still produces semen which which still comes out while ejaculating.

But the sperm doesn't.

Guess what happens to the sperm?


So let's say that a man had a vasectomy on the last Friday of December of 1989.

That man has GALLONS of sperm absorbed into his body!! (Sperm love to be measured in gallons)

What happens to this sperm?

When I teared up last night was it running down my cheeks??

When I sneeze does my sperm go airborne!!???

When I do the Q-tip Watusi am I cleaning sperm out of my ears??

Do I bleed sperm? Let's say I had a pimple and I popped it? Sperm?

I'm mowing the lawn and sweating. SPERM!

I could go on and on about where sperm is flying out of my body.

But I won't.

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I like mine scrambled said...

Women who've had hysterectomies but still have an ovary or two still produce eggs and said eggs are absorbed into the body, too...

Thanks for creeping me right the hell out!

*blows eggs into a kleenex*