Monday, July 25, 2011

Elvis aint the retard

So I have a regular 'customer' that is an actual retarded (Special Olympian) guy.

Here is the conversation I had with him today:

TARD: "Who is you favorite Beatle?"

ME: "Ummmm...Ringo."

TARD: "I like Ringo."

ME: "Who is your favorite Elvis Presley?"

TARD: "Ummmm....Elvis."

ME: "Mine also."


What if you're the crazy one... said...

*cut to the tard's house last night*

Tard: "So, you won't believe what happened today...

Wifey of Tard: "What?"

Tard: "You know that insane guy who runs the comic shop I like? The one that's always washing his hands, admiring his hair in the window reflection, and goose-stepping around the store?"

Wifey of Tard: *laughs* "Yeah, he's hilarious...what about him?"

Tard: "He asked me today who my favorite Elvis Presley there's, well, more than one...or something."

Wifey of Tard: "HA! Make sure to put it in your blog later..."

If I spell favorite wrong, I can fool ya, eh? said...

Thank you, thank you very much!

I Aint No Retard said...

I hate Retard Week at the shoppe. I think I'll come in next week to do my shopping when it's I Heart My Customers Week.
Wait... maybe I'm mixing up my shoppes.

Anonymous said...

So a tard walks into Iano's shoppe. Then he calls the window company to replace the glass in the door he once again forgot to open before turning on the lights and warming up the laser pointer