Sunday, July 10, 2011


So last night Wifey and I were playing Yahtzee.

She looked at me.

Here is what she said:

WIFEY: "You're boring."


Did I mention we were playing Yahtzee?


Snicker said...

Yahtzee? I had no idea you and/or Wifey were 85 years old.

You should try Bridge next.

Or maybe knitting!

Somebody from de nort' etc. said...

This is too boring to comment upon.

Got bored with snickering said...


Anonymous said...

I bet that if I point out you're slacking, you'll just look at me crankily and then put up a "gone fishing" I right?

Someone said...

this blog is getting boring....

Underrated George Wunderw said...

Where did Somebody hear that?
Wayne Boring was my all-time favorite Superman artist, and now he's going to be showing up here? GREAT!