Monday, July 18, 2011

Paint Chips

So we're having our house painted. The outside.

So we do what any normal people would do.

We get paint chips!

Lots and lots of paint chips.

And we start picking out colors.

And then I notice Benjamin Moore's disclaimer. Paraphrased.

"Color on paint chip does not necessarily match color of actual paint."


The paint chip has ONE purpose in life!! TO. MATCH. THE. COLOR. OF. THE. ACTUAL. PAINT.

As a nation we can pretend to land men on the moon but we can't match paint color to a cardboard chip????

This whole courtroom is out of order!!!

(The courtroom is done in a nice Cayman Lagoon)


Anonymous said...

I did my house in Back Woods Tent, with the trim in Shaved Ham. I get lots of compliments on it!

Lois too lazy to sign in said...

Paint chip.

Worst. Cookie. Flavor. Ever.

Beatles said...

Polythene Paint

Maxwell's Silver Latex Hammer

Glossy Onion

More Beatles said...

Old Brown Chip

Mean Mister Mustard (or is that Yellow or Ochre or...)

Vaguely Rude Beatles said...

Happiness is a Wet Gloss

The Beatles again said...

Eight Stains a Week

She Painted Over the Bathroom Window

Worst Beatles evah said...

Drippy Miss Lizzie?