Wednesday, January 04, 2012


So a guy was just in here and he saw me eating a cookie.

Here is the conversation that followed:

ME: "Would you like a cookie?"

HIM: "What kind of cookie?"

ME: "Sugar cookie."

HIM: "I don't like sugar cookies."

ME: "Then Buddy, you don't like cookies."


So to sum up:

I should have called him Chief.


Don't put raisins in them said...

I Am The Walnuts

I love COOKIES! said...

Got To Get You Into My Mouth

I love cookies more than you said...

All You Need Is Love and Butter and Flour and Sugar.

This one doesn't really work said...

Mixing a Bowl

Elmo said...

Strawberry Mrs. Fields Forever!

Anonymous said...

Iano: Giving his all for the artform.
What with all the cookies he's scarfing he must be really packin' on the pounds, losing his girlish figure, finding it harder and harder to pick up sailors in bars. Poor guy.

paul howley said...

Sugar, Sugar. (by The Archies)...Oh wait...I don't get this game.