Sunday, January 01, 2012

Getting ready for New Years Eve

WIFEY: "Wear that new shirt I got you."

ME: "I don't think so."

WIFEY: "Why not?"

ME: "It's too Elvis-ie."

WIFEY: "It's not too Elvis-ie."

ME: "The collar is all Elvis-ie."

WIFEY: "It's not all Elvis-ie."


So I wear the shirt.

In hindsight it wasn't Elvis-ie at all.

Sometimes a shirt is just a shirt.


Cake just sayin' said...

So Wifey really is the boss, huh?

B. Lou Swaid Shuez said...

Are the slippers Elvis-ie?

Confused By Cake said...

Iano's married to Bruce Springsteen?

Say, Cake... said...

If Iano divorced and remarried, would call the new wifey
"Bossa Nova"?