Saturday, January 07, 2012

Lions in the fire

So a customer calls the other day and asks if I have something.

Here is the conversation:

ME: "You should stop down and look thru my inventory. I have a bunch of what you're looking for."

CUSTOMER: "I can't this week, I have way too many lions in the fire right now."

ME: "You mean irons in the fire?"

CUSTOMER: "Nope, too many lions in the fire."

ME: "Okay. Thank you."


Anonymous said...

You have many Rasta customers, then?
They're always mixing up Iron, Lion, Zion

Robin said...

He's Canadian...that's a Canadianism, eh.

Bruce Cockburn said...

I'm wonderin' where the lions are

Confused Chinese Cockburn said...

If I had a rion rauncher?

Old Folkie At Home said...

Thank you. I used to see him how and again at local clubs, but "Rocket Launcher" reminds me of how good he was (and still is).