Sunday, January 08, 2012

Especially cute.

So I was reading this article about some super cute polar bear cub.

In the article it tried to explain what makes something especially cute.

Here is part of the article:

////Interestingly, research has uncovered the facial features that make something especially cute: big eyes. Big cheeks. Big forehead.////





Here is Clint Howard.

Especially cute.


Tiny forehead said...

In other news, researchers in a recent study were found to be drinking on the job.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the beady-eyed, sunken cheeked, tiny foreheaded IANO wishes he was super cute.

Sparkle Plenty said...

This wasn't an especially cute post.

This wasn't an especially homely post.

It was a post.

Just a post!

Paul M. said...

What's with this "high forehead nonsense?
I was considered "cute, and like the rest of us, I was beatle-browed!