Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Massage my penis and I enjoy it for a day. Teach me how to massage my penis and I enjoy it for a lifetime!

So I have a new crazy guy that comes in the shop.

Today he started spouting off on how TV is ruining people and society.

Then he said some weird bible verses.

Then he asked if he could massage my penis.

Here is the rest of the conversation:


MASSAGE PENIS GUY: "I said nothing for you to show such outrage."

ME: "Yes you did! You can't talk like that in my store!"

MASSAGE PENIS GUY: "I said it the proper way."



Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the right of free speech?
Doesn't he have a right to say stuff like that?

And considering that you're in the Excited States, don't you have an equal right to put a bullet hole right in the middle of his filthy faggy forehead?

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I think he was straight.

Beatles said...

I Wanna Hold Your Penis

Magical Massaging Tour

The Ballad of John and No! No!

Cake not signed in said...

Anonymous is a little wound up, isn't he?

Also, do you regularly get ex-priests like that in the store?

beatles said...

a gay in the life

"lady' massager

carry that "weight"?

cocky raccoon

while my penis gently leaks

no massagin' wood