Sunday, March 11, 2012

This might be my all time favorite blog post..

So I'm at a party last night and I notice Bill has a new iPhone.

We go over apps. He starts showing me his pix.

Lots of pictures from where he works.

Some animal thing. Not really sure exactly.

Anyhow...we come to this picture. A real picture. Not photoshopped.

It's a dog head. Bill has a reason to have a picture of a dog head on a table.

I don't.

Bill also mentioned that he has a picture of his arm up a horse vagina.

(I'll post that when I get it)

He also mentioned that sometimes he'll be on a business trip and a shipment of frozen dog heads will come in.

They thaw them out in the hotel bathtub.


Headless Beatles said...

Old Brown Dog Head

Hey Bulldog Head

Norwegian Woof (This head has flown)

I Want to Hold Your Head

Anonymous said...

Cake said...

That headless bitch is beautiful!

Or something.