Thursday, October 25, 2012

Johnny Johnny Johnny Johnny Hoops Johnny...

So I'm in the Bank of America today and the teller suggests that I get the new Bank of America credit card.

He gestures to the sign behind me (That I took a picture you can see)

I read it.

Earn cash back with no hoops.

Take a look on the bottom left of the picture.

What do you see?

I'll tell you what you see!!

You see HOOPS!!! line after line after line of HOOPS!!

I scolded the teller.

He denied the HOOPS!!

Even though the HOOPS were written in that tiny tiny tiny HOOPS size that we can barely read.


Anonymous said...

I'm somehow kind of proud of you for this post...maybe you're not an idiot after all.

Ronnie Reagan said...

Nah, he's an idiot. I know an idiot when I see one.

Letterwritin' with Down Syndrome said...

Don't be mean to the 'tards, you guys!!

Retard said...

What's a hoop?