Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Ballad of Hurricane Sandy

So Hurricane Sandy hit yesterday.

You probably read about it.

Massive power outages, death and destruction.


It lived up to expectations.

We lost power at 4:20 in the afternoon.

iPhones...checking emails. Texting and Facebook.

Cell phones slowly lost power.

No TV.

It got boring really fast once it got dark out.

10% battery charge left.

Save that for an emergency more dire than a hurricane.

At least it was warm.

Everything by candlelight.

We suffered thru the night.

Screw it...let's just go to sleep early.

Maybe the power will be on when we wake up?

It wasn't.

Wifey was still sleeping.

I decided I'd be a good guy and get some coffee and croissants.

So I drove around surrounding towns until I found some.

Trees and branches littered the roads.

Winds still gusting.

Rain pouring.

Finally got home.

Wifey was still sleeping.

I drank my coffee. Ate my croissant.

Wifey got up.

I told her I had coffee.

I could tell she thought it was nice that I went out in the storm to get it.

It was still dark in the house save for one flickering candle.

I noticed a bit of "coffee" that I spilled on the counter.

So I went to wipe it up.

Turns out it was crumbs from the flakey pastry thingy.

Here is the conversation that followed:

WIFEY: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!???  You're getting crumbs EVERYWHERE!!"


And that my friends is the carnage that we call.... Hurricane Sandy.


Little Miss Bright Side said...

At least you don't own a generator. Because then you wouldn't have been able to do another blog post about how bored you were because you lost power during a big storm!

Cake said...

So to sum up:

IANO ain't so bright...I had instant coffee and fresh muffins ready in case we lost power the night the storm hit my city. *preens*

Whomever "Little Miss Bright Side" is...you stole the exact comment I was going to post. Get out of my head!

Cake said...

Is Wifey disappointed that she doesn't have weather powers after all?

Little Miss Bright Side said...

Cake, whomever you are, regarding your second to last comment... if IANO had been prepared for the storm he never would have been able to be the "hero" of his "ballad" and "brave" the "storm" (rain) for croissants!

Cake said...

Oh, IANO, a hero in his own mind! He'll write songs of his exploits for years!

LMBS said...