Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Purple Paint Guy

Purple Paint Guy: "Do you have any purple paint?"

Me: "Yup, it's right over here."

Purple Paint Guy: "I need some light colored purple that is darker."

Me: "Darker than what?"

Purple Paint Guy: "Light purple."

Me: "You want a medium colored purple paint?"

Purple Paint Guy: "Darker than medium."

Me: "Here..try this dark purple."

Purple Paint Guy: "No, that's too dark."

Me: Then try the light purple."

Purple Paint Guy: "Too light."

Me: "Do you like porridge?"

Purple Paint Guy: "What?"

Me: "Nevermind."


Purple Goat said...

I have a neighbor who painted his house purple last year. I think he's colorblind.

Anonymous said...

I remember when light colored purple that is darker only cost a nickel.

Daughter of an artist said...

Dear Purple Paint Guy:

Next time buy some white, some black, some red, and some blue...and don't be a pain in the ass.

I kinda muss the pain in the ass customers

Perry Winkle said...

Do you have anything in a mediumish indigo?

Violet said...

How about light violet?

African Violet said...

How about dark violet?

Ruby said...

Me and Indigo make a lovely aubergine.

Limey McGreen said...

If you want mud, I'm your girl, Purple!