Friday, September 13, 2013

So once again a waitress thinks we are gay

So two guys going out to dinner automatically makes them gay, correct?

Well, that's the vibe that me and Hoag seem to give off.

It happened again last night. The waitress thought we were gay.

No big deal.

But I call her over to the table anyhow.

Here is the conversation:

ME: "I heard you think we are gay."

HER: "I never said that."

ME: "The owner told me you think we are gay. We're not. We are just two guys that go out to dinner every week togther and one of us dresses really nice."

HER: "I just assumed you were...I don't care if you are."

ME: "We ain't."

HER: "Okay blah blah blah small talk small talk small talk"


I'm glad we cleared that up. We go back to having a drink. She goes back to doing her job.

About a half hour later she cozies back up to our table.

Here is that conversation:

HER: "Do you guys like Elton John?"


BollWeevilPrime said...

Maybe it's the leg wrestling?

Cake said...

It's the "we aren't gay!!!" defensiveness.

Or maybe it's the sharing spaghetti and ending up with one strand like in Lady and the Tramp.

Or the one-slice-of-cake-two-forks thing.

Or the flirting.

Could be anything, really.

Cake said...

The waitress just sent me a pic of you gays...err, you GUYS...eating dinner! How cute are you two, honestly?!