Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thank you for visting!

I'm at the post office this morning and I notice this sign on the door:


I wasn't visting. I was mailing a package.

I visit relatives,. I visit my friends.

I visit Cousin Saul.  (Well...maybe not Cousin Saul)

But I never VISIT the post office.

I mail stuff there.

They should change the sign:


(Thank you for visiting my blog)


paul howley said...

Sorry I haven't had much time to comment on your blog...I've been busy visiting with our houseguests (Aunt Margie, Aunt Carol, and Aunt Faith...and your brother Bob)

Anonymous said...

There was nothing in the sign's language that indicated it was thanking you for visiting the Post Office.

Think of it as being akin to the "No Spitting" signs one sees all over the place. Note: If you aren't used to seeing "No Spitting" signs all over the place, it could be that we frequent different types of establishments. Furthermore, I'm definitely going to have to visit your funnybook emporium and spit. Hey, there's no sign against it, is there?

The Post Office isn't thanking you for visiting IT, the Post Office is thanking you for visiting anyone, anywhere. Such activities keep the automobile and housegift industries alive, and thus keep America strong.

What do you have against keeping America strong?

Thank you for letting me visit your blog. In gratitude, I'm not going to spit.

This time.

-- " "

Cake said...

::insert joke here about "visting"::

Cake said...


BollWeevilPrime said...

"Thanks for Visiting!" should always be posted right next to "No Loitering!"