Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Things said to me at a wedding the other day.

1. "Excuse me,Sir...you're not allowed in here."

2. "Excuse me, Sir...that's for employees only."

3. "We're not letting people in there yet."

4. "Sir...you'd have to smoke that cigar out front...not here."

5. "This bar is shut down for about 15 minutes."

6. "We don't have Crown Royal."

7. You can't park there...it's for handicapped people."

8. "Are you the bus driver?"

9. "Don't touch me...I'm all wet!"

10. Excuse me, Sir...that's for the wedding party only."

11. "You're a guy...you only need one tissue."

12. "Of course I know what a Dirty Sanchez is...I'm not 11."  (This was actually said to someone else but I was within earshot)

13. "You can have as many cookies as you can carry."

14. "Can you see up my dress with those shoes?"


Bored in a Northern Town said...

"Who let you in here?!"

"Who the hell are you?"

"Stan! There's another homeless guy in here!"

"Are jeans really wedding-appropriate attire??"


"Please tell me that's not the suit you bought for the wedding..."

paul howley said...

hmmm...I had no problem at all at the wedding....

Sparkle Plenty said...

15. Nothing for 15!

Anonymous said...

Were you wearing your patent leather pimp shoes?