Thursday, May 14, 2009

Death to Smooochy

I don't use spellcheck all that much.

And I don't spell all that well.

But once in a while I'll put a fun word into spellcheck just because.

Spellcheck tells me that smoooch is spelled with four Os, not three.

Now if I'm writing you, and use the word 'smoooch', are three Os acceptable?

Or would you prefer the emotion of the traditional 'four-O Smooooch' that comes from my computer's spellcheck?

Or should I just leave the word smoooch to the 20th century?



begging cow said...


Cake said...

Saying smooch at all is just lame and something only a girl would do.

Trust me.

Jay said...


A pervert said...


Mussolini said...

Il Dooche!

mulderjoe said...

Pass the Smoooochy on the left hand side...