Sunday, May 24, 2009

DRAG ME TO HELL. Or something.

Drag Me To Hell.

It comes out next week at a theatre near you.

It might possibly be the best name ever for a horror film (I'm assuming it's a horror film)

Drag Me To Hell.

Now we all know that hell is probably a pretty crappy place, correct?


None of us wants to go to hell, correct?


But Jeez-Dom you have to DRAG us to hell?

I mean really...we're going to hell. Is it really necessary to drag us? Can't you carry us? Drive us? Fly us?

(Do people get Dragged To Heaven?)


cousin saul said...

Speaking of crappy movies, tomorrow, Cousin Saul will (most likely) do a mini-movie review of three movies we watched this weekend (since I had the days off from work)Exciting, right?!
I MAY be posting a new chapter to my own blog too...not just clogging up Noprah's blog.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

You're gonna drag us to hell, aintcha?

Lois Lane said...

If they're going to drag us, we can at least be sitting comfortably in a handbasket, right?

Cake said...

I plan on skipping joyfully to hell while singing happy songs and eating excellent snacks. May as well enjoy the trip, correct?

Cake said...

Blonde chicky in the picture doesn't look all that upset to me.