Sunday, January 24, 2010

30 Rock visits beautiful Waltham


lame said...

Alec You Need Is Love.

I Am the Waltham

30 Rocky Raccoon

Fey Jude

Happiness is a Warm Morgan

Cake said...


Slow news day in Wall-tham?

zzzdrudge from de nort' countree said...

Rock-a-feller, he's the feller
That we love

That was actually a popular song back when old Nelson A was still considered a viable candidate for president.
I presume the song playing on the radio in his office when/where he died was the old Gene Autry ditty:

"I'm back in the Saddle again

Here where a friend is *croak*.

Very Picky Walthamite said...

That house doesn't look like something I'd see in Waltham.

Waltham Freak said...

It was once mentioned in Fringe, too! I taped it!

Waltham Facts R Us said...

Waltham is famous for its watchmaking.

Crazy Jason said... sounds like something that should be illegal. Wall them! Nobody should be walled up! Also, Pink Floyd should break down that wall!

It's a lie said...

Did you know Waltham was where Casablanca was really filmed? It's true!

Also a lie said...

Lawrence of Arabia, too...big old set on Main Street.

Possibly not a lie said...

When the Beatles first visited America, Waltham was their first stop...there's a plaque on the corner of Bank and Charles.

Probably not true but maybe said...

The Rolling Stones song, "Memory Motel" was written in Waltham...that's why the passing Boston reference.

Frodo said...

When Peter Jackson was filming Lord of the Rings, he considered Waltham first because of its huge population of short people with hairy feet. New Zealand actually won him over because of its mountains.

Old Timey Film Buff said...

Several westerns in the 60s used Waltham as their setting, thanks to the town's many saloons and burlesque theaters. Watch the credits carefully on TCM and you'll see the proof.

Secret Lost Clues said...

In LOST, Jack once wears a jack with a Waltham embroidered patch on the shoulder...though he never actually makes a mention of it.

Shaken said...

The newest Bond movie is actually being shot in beautiful Waltham...though most of it is car chases so it won't be immediately obvious. Watch for Green Lantern on the left about 20 minutes in.