Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Denise Richards Speaks!

Seems Charlie Sheen got in trouble with his wife over Christmas.

So this brought out former wife Denise Richards.

She claims Charlie never hit her.

But he did 'verbally abuse' her.

Poor widdle baby.

Poor widdle Denise got 'verbally abused'

Welcome to my world, Denise.



Cake said...

Hey IANO, shut yer mouth, loser!

And make me a sandwich.

IANO's bouncers said...

Dear Anonymous:

You're gonna get more than verbally abused soon...

Certainly not Sheen said...

You're Going to Lose that Tooth

Twist and Pull (Your Hair)

Shove You Do

I Wanna Hold Your Hand Too Tightly

The Continuing Story of Bludgeoning Bill

Happiness is a Warm Gun (no edit req'd)

Anyone but Sheen said...

Eight Frays a Week

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude! I Didn't Say You Could Leave!

nosheenfan in de nort' countree said...

Denises of Daisy are April, May, and June.

Denefoos of Donald are Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

Detaluntz of Sheens are Little, Less, and None.