Thursday, January 14, 2010

Please help the children of Haiti.

These Haitian people have been devastated.

Especially the children.

They're hungry. Hurt. Hot.


And all of their toys are gone.

Please pick from the following and send to:

c/o Hades on Earth
Near where the Earthquake was.

Thank you.


Bleedles said...

Haiti Jude

Mean Mr. Earthquake

Fixing A Whole Buncha Stuff

I Was The Wall, Russ.

oboy! lincoln logs! said...

When the town of Aberfan (in Wales) had a coal tip collapse and crush a school, the ever-sensitive Princess Margaret sent a boxcar full of toys to the town to help make the children happy again. Of course, most of the town's children were in the school when it was crushed, so a fat lot of good that did...

A. Petofile said...

The children are hot?

sexist in de nort' countree said...

Those toys are all boy's toys. Were there no girls crushed? Need any Barbies?

Little Haiti Girl said...

Oh yes, we love Barbie!

Better Beatles said...

She Escaped Through the Bathroom Window

Shake and Shout

When I'm a 7.3

I Want You (This Building's so Heavy)

7.3 Beatles said...

Baby You're a Poor Man

Carry that Weight (no edit req'd)

Haitian Wood (This Bird has Collapsed)

Why Don't we do it in the Road (Since we Have no House)

5.0 Beatles said...

Got to Get You into my Tent

Anonymous said...

you people are sick you should be asshamed of yourselves

Tex said...

You're going to Hades

oh wait, you're already there