Sunday, May 30, 2010

The BP oil leak

Way back in April, down in the Gulf of Mexico, some oil rig blew up.

Since then millions and millions of gallons (quarts? pints?) of oil having been spewing into the ocean.

And BP (The oil company) has been trying to stop it. (Three Stooges style!)

Americans are following the story but for the most part aren't really thinking about it all that much.

The ramifications of this oil spill are gonna be felt for decades.

But we're still not thinking about it all that much.

Today it hit me how bad this is. How serious it is.

All I needed to do was look at the picture I posted on today's blog.

That's President Obama.

Take a look at him.

Notice his sleeves are rolled up?

This is serious.


bpeatles said...

Let It BP

BPeatles said...

Eleanor Oilrigby

You're Going To Lose That Oil

While My Oil Spill Gently Seeps

Joe Garagiola said...

Nah nah nah nahnahnahnah,
Hey Crude

Sy-phillis said...

Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey