Sunday, May 09, 2010

The "Handicapped" Guy.

So I'm looking out the store window across the street.

I see a van pull up and park in the handicapped space.

The space is CLEARLY marked as a handicapped space.

Then I see a wheelchair hit the pavement.

Followed by a guy.

The guy then unfolds the wheelchair and "drags" his body into said wheelchair and wheels down the street to places unknown.



Anonymous said...

You're wondering if you can fit a wheelchair into your car now, aintcha.

Anonymous said...

Think of the Stones seats you could get!!!

John Locke said...

My dad stole my kidney and pushed me out a window, so give me a break....
(or did I crash a plane and leave my dad a vegetable, I can't remember)

Helen said...

John, get the damn operation you big baby!