Friday, May 21, 2010

Soggy Waffles: Part Deux

So the other day the Lovely Lois brought up 'Soggy Waffles in my Teacup'.

Much laughter followed.

Just something about the expression.

'Soggy Waffles in my Teacup'

It's funny.

But I'm a guy. It sounded....dirty.

So Google came into play.

Trust don't want to google 'Soggy Waffle'

You especially don't want to see the definitions on Urban Dictionary.

Trust me.

Picture a Frat House.

Picture what the brothers would do to a waffle to make it soggy.

Picture a frathouse game involving said soggy waffle.

Now picture the loser having to eat said soggy waffle.

Urban Dictionary. People are nuts.

But I kept reading.

I'm a guy.

And there it was. The 5th definition.

It cracked me up.

It was simple.

To the point (as all things should be)

Soggy Waffle: a sub-par vagina.

A sub-par vagina.

That has to be the worst insult you can give a broad (other than "Your ass looks huge")

GUY: "Ummmm, Honey...I've been meaning to tell you that you have a sub-par vagina."

GAL: "Wha-wha-what????!

GUY: "You know, a soggy waffle."


Ditzy in the Never said...

Never Eat Shredded Wheat.

That was so difficut! said...

North East South West

beatles said...

I Am The Waffle

Maxwell's Soggy Waffle

Gifted Tard said...


difficut said...

I left the L for a Loser.

The Better Beatles said...

Soggy Sadie