Monday, May 24, 2010

In the world there must be thousands of different things, correct?

So I'm placing a supply order for my shop.

It's $157.00 for what I want.

Up pops the 'Free Gift' offer.

They gave me two FREE GIFTS to choose from.

A Hall and Oates 'greatest hits' CD

Or NFL Crocs.


I'm not making that up!

New England Patriots Crocs!

All the things in the world and they give me TWO choices...Hall n Oates....or Crocs.

Now picture me at Gillette Stadium come December. Wearing my Silver NE PATRIOTS Crocs. (Singing Hall and Oates songs)

Picture drunken football fans spotting said silver Crocs.

Now picture my sorry gay ass getting kicked all over Foxborough.

Now picture those silver NE Patriots Crocs on ebay.

Picture me getting 20 large for them.

Now picture me growing an Oates 'stache...

1 comment:

Cake said...

You in Crocs would make my whole life perfect.

But not you in a mustache, unless it's a Hitler one. I think you could really rock a Hitler 'stache.