Saturday, May 22, 2010

It might just be a gland problem.

It's hot.

It's hot in here.

It's stuffy in here.

Do you have the heat on?

I'm hot.

Open the window.

Does this thing have air conditioning?

I'm hot. It's hot. Stuffy.

::hand fan::


It's hot.

I can't breath. It's hot.

Heat on?

It's hot. It's stuffy. Can't breath.


No air in here.

It's hot.

Do these vents work?

It's hot.

:::windows down:::

It's hot. Holy's hot.

Stuffy. Hot.

::collar stretch::

Does this place have AC?

It's hot in here.

It's always hot in here.

It's hot.

Are you hot?

It's hot. Stuffy.

Always hot.


Can't breath.

Does this thing work?

It's hot.

Do they know it's this hot in here?

I don't think this place has AC.

It's hot and stuffy.

That place is always hot.

And stuffy.

Can't breath.

:::hand fans face:::

It's hot.

Stuffy. No air.

How do people stand this?

So hot. Stuffy. Airless.


Does this car have AC...or just a heater?

Because it's hot. Stuffy.

No air. Can't breath.

::uncomfortable shift:::

::windows down::


It's always hot.

Stuffy can't breath.



No air.

:::adjusts vents up and down::

Too hot.




Today's post wasn't about anyone in particular. In no way do I mean to disparage anyone.

He's hot. He can't breath. He thinks it's stuffy. Hot. No air. Hot.


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When I'm Sixty Four Degrees(Maybe Then I'll Be Happy)

Boston Beatles said...

A Hot Day's Night

Translucent Beatles said...

Fan Me Do

Sweaty Sadie (best yet!)

I Want You (She's so Humid)

Overheated Beatles said...

She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (Which Had Been Left Open Due to Heat)

Warm Beatles said...

Back in the H.E.A.T.

Is it hot in here or is it just me? said...

Humid Days Night

Overdressed Beatles said...

All To Swelter Now?

I win with the last one said...

(Not so) Lovely Heata

Heat Jude

Everybody's Got Something To Heat Except For Me And My Monkey

Helter Swelter

Lame, So Sue Me said...

I Ain't Followin' The Sun

Ticket to Roast

The Gifted Tard said...

I still think Sweaty Sadie wins...but Helter Swelter's pretty good!

Cake said...

I demand a LOST post!!!