Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2:23 to Yuma

So last night Wifey goes over a girlfriend's house for dinner.

She arrives home at 8:37.

Here is the conversation we have:

WIFEY: "Are you watching this?"

ME: "Not really...I'm playing Angry Birds."

WIFEY: "I'm going up to bed."

ME: "It's only 8:37!"

WIFEY: "I'm not gonna stay down here and watch you play Angry Birds."

ME: "I'll put it down."

WIFEY: "There's nothing on TV anyhow."

ME: "It's only 8:37."

WIFEY: "Yeah...but by the time I go up and get my pajamas on and stuff it will be time for bed. I'm just gonna stay up there."


It takes two hours and twenty three minutes to get ready for bed?? TWO HOURS AND TWENTY THREE MINUTES!!!


Cake said...

Sounds like Wifey went to bed because she didn't wanna hang out with you...maybe she felt bad after making fun of you to her friends all night, which we all know she did, of course.

Poor IANO.

Have Asleep Revenge said...

"...Wifey goes over a girlfriend's house for dinner."

She just kinda hovered there...?