Friday, January 21, 2011

Why I hang around with a guy named Hoagy.

So last night we're out on Buddy Nite at a restaurant.

We're seated near the hostess station where they take reservations and stuff.

So Hoag dials up the restaurant for no particular reason. We hear the phone ring.

We see the hostess walk over to answer it.

Hoag hangs up the phone.

Hostess answers phone only to hear a dial tone.

Hostess goes off to do something.

Hoag dials up restaurant.

Phone rings.

Hostess goes over to answer the phone.

Hoag hangs up just as she answers it.

Hostess hears dial tone. Shakes head. Goes off to help bartenders.

Hoag dials up the restaurant.

Phone rings.

Hostess runs over to answer phone.

Hoag hangs up before she gets to phone. Hostess hears dial tone.

We snicker. This repeats about a dozen times.

The more he does it the funnier it gets.

The angrier the hostess gets.

Hoag dials up restaurant. Hostess goes to answer it. Hoag hangs up before she answers. Dial tone.

I'm dying.

Hoag is dying.

This goes on for an hour or two.

Finally the hostess catches me.


I didn't do anything!!! It was Hoag.

She calls me a dink.

A dink???

Hoag dials up the restaurant...

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