Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wifey: My Own Private Ore Ida Ho

I usually get home late.

And Wifey makes me dinner.

It's just the way things work at Casa IANO.

So I get home the other night and I see Wifey on the couch with a blanket over her.


Blanket over Wifey usually means I ain't eating no gourmet.

But Wifey takes care of me. Doesn't she?

I look in the kitchen and see a pan with water in it.

Then I hear Wifey speak:

"I put a pan of water on the stove for you!"

Now let's get something straight....putting a pan of water on the stove is not cooking dinner for me.

Yet somehow, by putting the pan filled with water on the stove, she fulfilled her cooking obligation to me.

Lukewarm water isn't my favorite meal...but at least it was placed there with love.

And that must count for something.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have uncooked pasta.

(or tater tots)


I'd just leave you the empty pot said...

What if it was just placed there with a sort of tolerance rather than love?

Or what if she was laughing to herself while placing the water there? "Let's see him figure out how to make a meal using just this pot and some water...ahahahahaaa..."

Just curious.

Gotta be worth something, too? said...

I'd cook you a fantastic meal.

I mean, then I'd eat your share -- but, hey, it'd be with love.

My Wifey's note said...

Dinner on stove. Just turn on burner under the pan.

I lift lid of pan and find

Raw hamburger sitting in an inch of cooking oil.

Oh my wifey: Cooks just like her mother.
Except better.