Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am a racist. Sue me.

You smell.

You are rude.

Your children are wild.

Your women are ugly.

Your country is a hellhole.

You drive like shit.

You constantly honk your horn.

You don't close doors behind you.

You treat women horribly.

Your religion is fucked up.

Paisley is no longer a good fashion choice.

Your music blows.

Grandma always seems to be in tow.

You eat stupid kinds of food.

Your whole culture is a train wreck.

Your voice is annoying.

I Ain't No Oprah...I am a racist.


Cake not signed in said...

Do the New York Yankees really count as a race??


Ohhhh...oh, gotcha. Never mind.

Amal Patel said...

Do you want extra curry with that?

Stirling Fungus said...

What manner of racist are you?
Grand Prix?
Le Mans?
Formula 3?
Probably an (in) drag racist
I could keep on, but it's time to go muck Geordie's Byre