Friday, February 04, 2011

I'd like you to meet the owner.

So last night was Buddy Nite.

We had the honor of being joined by Wifey and Sly Boots.

We're at the regular restaurant that we go every week.

We've been going there most weeks for a few years now.

We've gotten to know the staff quite well.

Wifey also goes there fairly often but hasn't met the owners.

And I spot one of the owners down back eating at a table. With her back to me.

Did I mention she's kinda hot? Blonde hair?

So me being the suave dude that I am decide to saunter over to her, say hi, and then tell her to come over and meet Wifey.

I go walking down back like I own the place...get right up behind her, stick my big old horse face right into hers while she's eating and say HEY!

Do I need to mention it wasn't her?

Do I need to mention that my face is still red?

Do I need to mention that The Hoag, Wifey, and Sly Boots all are amused?

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