Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Weekend Wisdom (?) of Wifey

ME: "You look adorable!"

WIFEY: "You're making fun of me. You're so mean."


Hands around her waist. Looking in her eyes. Here is the conversation that follows.

ME: "I'm in a kissing mood."

WIFEY: "Kiss Sally."


ME: "Can you tell when I've had a few drinks?"

WIFEY: "Not really. You repeat yourself a little."

ME: "Can you tell when I've had a few drinks?"


ME: "Green pasta? I ain't eating green pasta!"

WIFEY: "It's not green."

(I ate the green pasta)


ME: "Did one of the girls take my socks?"

WIFEY: "They don't take your socks. They would be afraid to. You're stupid."

ME: "I think they take my socks."



Anonymous said...

So to sum up:

Wifey stole your adorable socks while you were kissing Sally to get out of eating green pasta.

Or something.

Wally Woodchuck said...

So Iano's wife calls her posterior "Sally".
She's such a cutie.

Perv said...

I take his socks but only the dirty, worn ones.

Zbignew Brzhinski said...

You took Clinton's cat? Maybe he took it bsck. That could be why you can't find "your" Socks.
And who swiped one or two vowels? I want them bck, dmnit!