Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sorry Spud.

So last night I go to a party and see one of my old friends from the 1970s.

We will call him Spud.

Now the things you need to know about Spud for this story is that back in the so called day Spud was thin. And his Dad was fat.

You got that? Spud thin, Dad fat.

So last night I see Spud and he has this big belly. And he looks a bit like his Dad anyhow.

Big belly like Dad...looks like Dad.

Here is the reason for my apology.

::pointing to Spud's belly::

ME: "You know, you could probably fit a tattoo of your Dad's belly on your belly."


Cake not signed in said...

Well, at least we know now why Spud doesn't come around anymore. Way to go, IANO.

Just curious said...

How many drinks had you had by that point?

Spud Fan said...

You DO remember posting about Spud before, right?