Saturday, April 02, 2011

Dull March/April Snippets

WIFEY: "What IS radiation?"

ME: "I don't know."


ME: "Are you a good girl? Are you a good girl? Are you a good girl?"

MY DOG: :::blank stare:::


ME: "We cracked her windshield with those snowballs."

HOAG: "Liar."


WIFEY: "You have garlic all over your hands! Get away!"

ME: "I just washed my hands."

WIFEY: "It must be from the oven. It stinks"

ME: "It makes me sleep well."


GUY IN FRONT OF POST OFFICE: "The post office is closed! Something must be going on."

ME: "I think Pam is just using the bathroom. I'm gonna wait in my car."



GAL: "I think I will get Jared that Grendel lighter."

ME: "Why? Is it his birthday?"

GAL: "Nope...I just love him."

ME: "You loved Titanic!"

JOE: "I didn't love Titanic."

ME: "You did!"

JOE: "Didn't."

ME: "Did."

JOE: "Didn't."

ME: "Did."

JOE: "Didn't."

ME: "Did."

JOE: "Didn't."

(He did)


HOSTESS TO HOAGY: "I LOVE your shirt!!!"

ME: "What about mine?"

LYING HOSTESS: "Ummmm...yours is nice."



Cake not signed in said...

You have garlic smeared all over your oven? Real vampire problem in your kitchen?

Cake still not signed in said...

At least they aren't mysterious and difficult to understand radioactive vampires, I guess.

Unless they are.

The Beatles said...

All You Need is Bulbs

Clove Me Do

Happiness is Some Warm Garlic?

Fukushima Vampire said...

I bite you and you die of reukemia!

Anonymous said...

So Joe is gay?

Kate Beckinsale said...

Oh I can vouch that he is definitely not gay, but he does play a gay guy on T.V....