Friday, April 22, 2011

When Idiots Talk

So I bought an iPhone yesterday. (Ain't I cool?)

And on said iPhone it has that feature they call Face Time.

It's when you call someone else that has an iPhone and you can video chat if you want. (They see you and you see them...very Jetsons like)

So I call up Hoag and he suggests we Face Time to test it out.

So I ring him back up. The video cameras start to do their magic.

But I don't see Hoag.

I see a sock puppet.

I'm talking to a sock puppet. Sock Puppet sounds like Hoag.

Hoag don't see me. Hoag sees Jim 'Ernest' Varney. Jim Varney sounds like me. (Why I have a Jim Varney mask is a subject for another time) (Why does Hoag have a Sock Puppet?)

Sock Puppet yapping to Jim Varney is riveting conversation.

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Anonymous said...

Gay couples are so cute.