Friday, April 15, 2011

Wifey is the Word

So last night I pick up The Hoag on the way to Buddy Nite.

We are juust driving along when I spot Wifey driving in front of us.

Hmmmmm....what should we do?

I flash my lights. I wave. I call her.

ME: "Hey...I'm behind you!"

WIFEY: "Oh, I thought you were an old lady."


So we continue on our way with Wifey in front of us.

Her sunroof opens.

Out shoots her arm and hand giving Hoag 'The Finger'

I'm not really sure why she gave Hoag the finger. (Hoag thinks she might have been giving it to me)


Cake not signed in said...

Well, you're fussy enough to be a little ole lady...

Anonymous said...

That's foolish, a little old lady would be able to cook a simple meal.