Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paltrow Fever!

So my lady Gwyneth goes on GLEE and sings a couple of songs. Amusing. Clever.

But not really.

Then this very average singer decides to sing on the Grammy Awards.


Or is it lame?

It's lame.

But she doesn't know it. Her famous husband (?) must fluff her full of BS.

She thinks she's 'all that'.

But she ain't all that.

She is an actress pretending she is a singer.

Much like Jamie Foxxxxxx. (though he is an actor, not an actress)

You are an actor. You can sing a tiny bit with tons studio over-dubbing and a bunch of what have you. (Ever notice when Jamie sings he gets all street and baggy pants and rappier than thou, yet when he is in actor mode he looks well dressed and can talk normal?)


You two are actors. Act, don't sing.

It's embarrassing.

The real tough part is that you both have just enough singing ability where the retards will insist that you are good.


Go away! Shoo! Be gone!

(I just sang this whole post)


Cake said...

"fluff her full of BS."

Sometimes it's like you're speaking British.

Old Duffer said...

There used to be actors who could sing, back in the 40s and 50s -- oh, how I miss the good old days.

Anonymous said...

She is smuzzy!

Anonymous said...

Not just smuzzy but downright partygaggling...I'd totally jolly her roads 'n sniffers!