Thursday, April 14, 2011

The King of Hamburger

So last night I decided to cook a hamburger.

Big deal, right?

It was.

I've never really cooked a hamburger before (in the 1970s I did in one of those hamburger cooker thingies)

Some spices...some oil in the pan to prevent sticking.. A little of this, a little of that.


I put two burgers (80% lean) in a pan and cooked them to perfection without adding anything.

(A little Jack Daniels BBQ sauce to dip it in)

And then I tasted it. It was fantastic! I did the Snoopy dance. (not really)

I looked over at Wifey with a smug look on my face.

I just cooked a hamburger and it was great!

WIFEY: "Let me try a piece!"

ME: "Okay."


ME: "So how was it?"

WIFEY: "Tasted like a hamburger."


Cake said...

I swear to gawd, sometimes I catch myself wondering if you're a real person or just a figment of my very strange imagination.

(You should try making a scrambled egg next...if you can crack the egg and beat it properly, then you'll really feel accomplished. I'll mail you a gold star!)

Pierre Ptomaine said...

One day I came home to find a note from my precious little wifey:

"Dinner is on the stove. Just turn on the burner under the frying pan."

I lifted the lid on the pan to find a raw hamburger sitting in about an inch of nice, fresh, Mazola oil.

Believe it or not, my wifey is a much better cook than her mother ever was.
The old bat's attitude was: It's going to end up looking and smelling like manure anywats, so why not cut right to the chase?

Someone else's wifey said...

I'm suddenly wondering why I waste so much of my life making proper, nicely cooked meals...

Anonymous said...

Wait, who put the burger in the pan for you?