Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lucky's Trailer Sales

So I'm driving down the Pike (The Massachusetts Turnpike) and I spot this sign on the back of a trailer(!?) and it says: LUCKY'S TRAILER SALES.

And I wonder what happens in Lucky's life that selling trailers (and not the camper like trailers....trailers like for hauling wood and stuff. Bare bones flat dull trailers) is a good thing. Is the selling of the said trailers what makes Lucky's life lucky or is it something else?

Does he win at poker? If so...why the life dedicated to trailer sales? Why not chips and cards and roulette tables?:: Lucky's Gaming Supply Hut

Did someone else nickname him Lucky because of trailer envy? Or did Lucky just start callin' himself Lucky?

Does he talk with Jesus? That would be lucky. I think.

Did Jesus buy a trailer from Lucky? What does Jesus haul?

I sell comics and toys and stuff and I'm guessing I'm luckier than Lucky.

Though I could use a trailer in the next few weeks.

Maybe I'll borrow Jesus's trailer.


Lois Lane said...

Jesus loves comics.

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves trailers.

cake said...

Well, he did just get himself a blog entry...I guess that's kinda lucky.

Aquaman said...

Jesus loves all of God's creatures. Especially prawns.

prawn said...

So I'm going to get into heaven? Hallelujah!

Aquaman said...

All good prawns go to heaven.

Clinky said...

Chocolate Jesus

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Chocolate Jesus was named 'My Sweet Lord' by the so called 'artist'.

I named the so called 'artist'....Douchey McDouche

bemisdown said...

I did it again. I had to change my username to bemisfu (I was a little angry-forgive me.)

But foir anyone who cares I'm back on and writing.

And IANO-I didn't even read your blog today. I'm just using you.

Cuddle Loves and Kisses

Clinky said...

It's just a ripoff of a marzipan buddha sculpture entitled "He's So Fine."

Clinky said...

Chocolate Jesus