Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Interview with VP candidate Joe Biden

ME: "So Joe...may I call you Joe? How big of a fish did you catch?"

JOE: "You articulated that question very was about :::holds hands apart::: this big."

ME: "So close do you think the race will be?"

JOE: "You articulated that question very well....the race should be about :::holds hands apart::: this close."

ME: "So big is your penis?"

JOE: "You articulated that question very's about :::holds hands apart::: this big."

ME: "So Joe....can you show us your vice presidential karate chops?"

JOE: "You articulated that question very well...How about :::shows karate move:: this?"

ME: "So big of an asshole are you in fact?"

JOE: "You articulated that question very well....I'm this much :::holds hands apart::: of an asshole."

ME: So Joe...finish this statement, 'Pattycake, pattycake baker man..."

JOE: "You articulated that very well...'bake me cake as fast as you can'..."

ME: "Thank you for your time."


Tex said...

well we all know you couldnt use that picture if he was asked how big Texas was. :)

cake said...

I loved episode two of Quick Insanity Theatre!!!

incredulous voter said...

This is ANOTHER example of the poor judgement of Obama (or the people working behind the scenes. You know, the Democrat version of Karl Rove.) Joe Biden? You've got to be kidding me! Give Joe (bad-hair-plugs)Biden three weeks and he'll be saying something so stupid that it will make his comment about Obama being "articulate and clean" seem like a smart statement. This idiot will lose this election for Obama.

b. clinton said...

"I. DID NOT.HAVE. SEX. WITH. THAT. ARTICULATE. AND CLEAN. NEGRO.....but damn did I want to!"

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton wants to have sex with Condaleeza Rice?

Yes, yes, I know the quote...

-- Lamont "Republican Fever" Cranston