Thursday, August 14, 2008

Switch Flops have arrived!!

(don't google)

That's what the sign said in front of the retail establishment. Not 'don't google', but 'Switch Flops have arrived !!'

And it had the two exclamation points so you know Switch Flops are awesome.

You also know that they've arrived and that's something to be double-y excited about.


So why do I say don't google?

Well chances are, other than the Lovely (and Curvaceous) Sparkle Plenty none of us probably know what Switch Flops are and why it's so wonderful that they've arrived.

I still haven't googled. I don't plan to.

Again, why?

Because I want Switch Flops to always be something exciting and wonderful and delicious.

Or something.

If I google, Switch Flops will be some kind of new concrete or roofing material. Or lima beanean cousin.

Possibly a new sewing stitch. Or vitamin supplement.

I want Switch Flops to forever be worth the two exclamation points!!

I want The Hoag to get scammed buying said Switch Flops.

I want to invest in Switch Flops and make a killing.

I want to show Wifey something magical using my new Switch Flops. Or Switch Flop singular.

I want World Peace using a single Switch Flop and some duct tape.

Switch Flops are the answer. You know it. I know it.

They've ARRIVED!!

Switch Flops.

If you're weak like the Lovely (and Curvaceous) Cake...go ahead, google.

Just keep it to yourself.

I wanna dream.

I wanna live.

I wanna Switch Flop and fly!


Lois Lane said...

I didn't Google!!

I want Switch Flops for my whole family, including the cats!!

I want orange and black ones for Halloween and fancy schmancy ones with glitter for the holidays!!

Hooray for Switch Flops!!


cake said...

I already have Switch Flops and I enjoy them every day.

Sometimes twice. *wink, wink*

cake said...

*opens Google*


*closes Google*


just for cousin saul said...

Happiness is a Warm Switch Flop

Why Don't we Switch Flop in the Road

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Switch Flop

Switch and Flop

Lady Switchfloppa

Lois Lane said...

Strawberry Switch Flops Forever!!

cake said...

Switch Flop on the Hill?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Oh, lordy. This made me laugh big-time. "Lima Beanean Cousin." Bada BING!

I did NOT know what Switch Flops were, but now I do.

Yes: I googled. I googled and I don't care who knows it! MWAH ha ha.* But, there's too much magic and hope in the air for me to say what Switch Flops are.

*Dang. I used the evil laugh at the wrong time again, didn't I? (Review: No evil laugh when taking out garbage or making a lame blog comment. Reserve evil laugh for world conquering.)

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear Sparkle,

Was I at least correct in THINKING that you of all people would know?

heavy helen said...

I love Switch Flops! With fries on the side. Mmmmm.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear IANO,

Nope. I think my money would have been on the Lovely (and Curvaceous) Ace Reporter Lois Lane--she's on top of late-breaking news of all kinds, so it doesn't surprise me that she is the one who knew. If Switch Flops were from the 1930s/40s/50s, then I might be The Knower. Instead, I am The Furtive Googler.

the brit said...

I didn't google - I did something worse ..... I went on their website. Wow, I'm so happy that Switch Flops have arrived and you will be too

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear Britty,

Is Wifey gonna want Switch Flops?

How much is this gonna cost me?

Will the Womenn's Beach Volleyball gals want Switch Flops?

How much will THAT cost me?

Incredible Hulk said...

Hulk SMASH Flop Switch!
He part of X-Force, right?

just curious said...

I wonder how switch flops will look with crocs and capris??

hillary said...

I look sexy in switch flops.

Sparkle Plenty said...

IANO: Ya know, I hate to say it but I don't think you're going to like Switch Flops--don't get me wrong, they're nifty and all, but you tend to have specific opinions about stuff and junk.

cake said...


Will they go with his bow tie?

Lois Lane said...

Sparkle: Nope, I didn't know what they were.

I'm weak. I broke down and Googled. And I went to their Web site.

Ya don't think IANO will like the Switch Flops? I dunno. I think they'd be swell for Buddy Nite.

Anonymous said...

And they definitely go great with gin!

-- Lamont "Yeah, I Googled, Too" Cranston

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I told you Bitches NOT to google!!

And what did you all do...?


You googled is what you did.

Sidebar to Lois:

That thing that didn't come in this week will be in next week.

cake said...

I didn't google.

And I'm the only one you singled out as the certain googler.

What did we learn today, hmmmm?

the britt said...

I think this is going to cost you a whole lot - the women's volleyball team will definitely want lots of Switch Flops - Wifey, I'm not sure ..... she could go either way

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I can only hope so.

Lois Lane said...

Yep, we be a bunch of Googly bitches, that we be!


Sidebar to IANO:

Keen. Thanks. It will go great with gin!

Sparkle Plenty said...

THIS IS THE BEST POST AND COMMENTS SECTION EVER! There's excitement...mystery...intrigue....Brits! Canadians! Switch Flops!

Cake: Yah! You betcha! (And you are made of Canadian Steel to have resisted the siren call of The Google.)

Lois: I really figured you would have known! It's a tough call--my spidey sense sez he wouldn't like 'em. But then, my spidey sense might be lollygaggin'.

IANO: Did you just call Lamont a Bitch? You better borrow H's switchblade comb if you boys are going to rumble.

cake said...


My Canadian Steel crumbled at about 3:00pm.

Shhh, don't tell IANO.

Anonymous said...


IANO's comb.

My Switch Flops.

It's on!

-- Lamont "Oh Yes It Is, Baby" Cranston

mulderjoe said...

I Googled. And I'm not telling.

Jayne said...

I am very much laughing.

I can't even construct proper sentences.