Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Women's Beach Volleyball

Am I now officially the biggest fan of this sport?

I might just be.

Is it because of the long legs?

The sleek graceful moves?

The tight thighs?

The little bikinis?

The grit....the determination?

The tanned youthful skin?

The cool sunglasses?

The tattoos?

The diving and sprawling on the ground?

The vertical leaps?

The high fives?

The body contact bewteen teammates?

The crushing spikes?

The tight buttocks?

The flat bellies?

The sports bras?

The ponytails and visors?

The Nike swoosh across their arses?

Are these the reasons why I'm now the #1 fan of Women's Beach Volleyball?

Of course not.

What do you take me for anyhow?

I just like sand.


cake said...


Maybe you aren't gay after all.

Can I break the news to The Hoag?

The Brit said...

and taking long walks along the beach .......

I Ain't No Oprah said...

The long walks on the beach are to look for Women's Beach Volleyball games.

You know....to look for the sand.

grains of sand said...

We love women's volleyball too.

Especially when they fall or dive. Yum.

the real #1 fan said...

All You Need is Sand

Eight Grains a Week

Let it Beach

Back in the S.A.N.D.

Old Brown Shoe Full of Sand

Happiness is a Tiny Bikini... whoops.

Incredible Hulk said...

Hulk SMASH beach volleyb...
wait, Hulk like beach volleyball.
Hulk like sandy chicks...

Jayne said...

I guess the sand has been in various orifices. No wonder you like it.

cake said...

::high-fives Jayne::

Anonymous said...

Dammit, that word was supposed to be "chaste," not "chafed"!

-- Lamont "Lexicon" Cranston

I guess he's not gay either said...

Hey, look, Bush likes sand, too!

sandman said...

::throws sand at No Oprah, winks::