Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The National Geographic food rating system, whipped cream, and other delights. Maybe even Herb Albert.

So the new National Geographic comes in and inside it has this chart of best foods to crappy foods.

The better for you nutritionally, the closer to 100 the listed food scores.

No surprise...broccoli was number one with 100 points.

On the very bottom, with a very sad one point, was the lovely popsicle.

So To Sum Up:

Don't always believe what you read in The Geographic.


So I'm out last night at a steakhouse getting some dinner. I ask for my steakburger (hamburger) medium and with NO lettuce, onion, or tomato.

So the steakburger (hamburger) comes and on the side is a huge onion and some lettuce. No tomato.

So To Sum Up:

The cook screwed up the order if he read what the waitress wrote down or he screwed it up if she didn't write it down.


When I got home I put on the TV, clicked to NBC for the Olympics, and started to watch Men's Beach Volleyball.

So To Sum Up:

Men's Beach Volleyball sucks.


Herb Albert (you thought I was lying....didn't cha?)


the lonely bull said...

Herb? Herb Alpert? Are You There? I Miss You!

Sergio Mendes said...

Herb, If you are out there, drop dead.

nifty-neal-hater said...

Did someone say "drop dead?" Was this about Neal Adams?

cake said...

1. Broccoli is fine...smothered in cheese. If Nat Geo was a real scientific magazine, they'd have done their research and pointed that out.

2. Did you have a popsicle for dessert?

3. I guess you really aren't gay.

4. Hi Herb!

Lois Lane said...

Did Peaches & Herb rank higher on the Nat'l Geo scale than just plain old Herb?

Or do the Tijuana Brass have high nutritional value?

What if they're covered in cheese?

Sparkle Plenty said...

When did the National Geographic even start covering this stuff? Are you sure you weren't reading your latest Modern Maturity issue? Broccoli is stupid.
This is a sure sign you should get a steak at the steakhouse. Most steakhouses charge large and mighty coin for side order veggies--so you'll be safe from all lettuce, onion, and tomato.
Don't the boy volleyball players have awesome vertical leaps and tattoos and teammate contact and muscular, taut what-have-yous? You surprise and amaze me with your disinterest. Me: I'm despondent that I missed the Badminton. I am the best amateur Badminton player ever. Well, I used to be. And, it was just my sister and me. Nevermind.
I love Herb Alpert. Herb Alpert is the most awesome Tijuana brassy musician ever known to mankind. Herb Alpert: Second only in hotness to Olympic Women's Volleyball. Herb Alpert: Catch the fevah...Alpert. Fevah...
And, I'm spent.