Sunday, September 06, 2009

Crazy Jason and Greg

So a friend of mine reads my blog and sees all the Crazy Jason stories I recently posted.

And we start discussing Jason's autism or craziness or whatever it is.

And I tell him that if Jason calls while he's at the store I'll hand the phone to him so he can hear Crazy Jason in action.

He says sure but he doesn't want to use his real name...he decides on 'Greg'.

Two minutes later Crazy Jason calls, I hand the phone to 'Greg'...CJ rants about Dr. Seuss or something and hangs up.

Me and 'Greg' laugh...etc...'Greg' leaves.


Phone rings:

CRAZY JASON: "Is Greg there?"

ME: "No...he had to leave."

CRAZY JASON: "Was that Greg Hilderbrant?"

ME: "Nope."


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