Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Obama calls Kanye West a jackass!

And Kanye West IS a jackass.

But nowhere in the media is it mentioned that it's a racist attack on Mr. West by Obama.

But a congressman screams out "YOU LIE!" at some Obama speech and Jimmy Carter thinks that's racist??

Niggah, please!

(My whole premise is based on the white half of Obama calling Kanye West a jackass)


Jimmy Carter is a jackass.


Winnie the Pooh said...

Tigga Please!

Hysterical Gal said...

I don't get this post either.



Sparkle Plenty said...

Where is the thank you? Thank you.

CRAZY JASON: "You're open past 4:00?"

ME: "Yes."

CRAZY JASON: "And you sell Fantastic Four comics?"

ME: "Yes..."

CRAZY JASON: "It's a shame you're not open past 5:00."

ME: "I'm open past 5:00."

CRAZY JASON: "Are you opposed to Jackson 5 comic books?"

ME: "Nope."

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Wrong post, Jackass!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Nuh-UH! You just posted the other post too early. I'm riiiiiight on time.

The Silver Fox said...

IANO: That "You lie!" was racist? I didn't realize that. I thought it was directed at Obama's white half. Huh. You learn something new every day...

Sparkle: Thank you.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Silver Fox: No, thank YOU.